What does a day in the life of Hanna look like?

I am a woman of routine, so I love to grab an early morning coffee and head into the office to start the day before anyone else. Every day does look a little different, but most days you’ll find me in boutiques in the city collecting product that I’ve sourced for clients of The Find Studio.

I spend the remaining of my day creating content, packaging orders and working with clients to source them their most wanted pieces from around the globe. I try to squeeze in pilates or a walk with my dog, Maple where I can. I spend my evenings finishing off a little work, spending time with my partner and then reading my Kindle before bed (I can’t sleep without it!).

What inspired you to start your own business - The Find Studio?

I have always been a lover of the latest fashion trends and shopping. Finding a niche within the market allowed for me to start The Find Studio and turn my obsession with fashion into a business.

My beautiful clients are the reason that I get to do what I do, and they continually inspire me to better The Find Studio and the service which we provide.

What do you love most about running your own business?

The shopping, of course! Seriously though, running your own business definitely comes with its challenges but the hard work is so worth it — I find it incredibly rewarding when clients receive and fall in love with their pieces that I’ve sourced.

We adore your style, how would you describe it in 3 words?Three words: Chanel Dad Sandals.

I literally wear them every day, and often pair them back with jeans and a blazer. I’d describe my style as simple yet effortless.

What is the best advice you’ve been given?

Nothing good happens after midnight…

What is your current obsession?

My little niece, Posie!

What’s your current life hack?

The new Tik Tok avocado trend. You have to check it out!

What are your current can’t live without essentials in your hand bag?

It’s super boring — my keys, wallet, Luv Lou sunglasses, lip balm and my two phones (no amount of storage is big enough!).

What Luv Lou style do you love most?

The Ru in black, you can’t go wrong!

What do you love about Luv Lou?

The beautiful girls behind Luv Lou, they create the best sunglasses for everyone!

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