Where did the name Luv Lou come from?

Our Nan’s name was Lou, she was elegant, feminine and strong and was taken far too young from this world so Luv Lou is a dedication to her and everything she was.

What styles best suit a round shaped face?

The Gigi, Joanie, Harley, Leui & Margot

What styles best suit a heart shaped face?

The Harley, Leui, Dillon, Jayde & Blake

What styles best suit a square shaped face?

The Joanie, Estelle, Margot and Harley

What style best suits an oval shaped face?

The Harley, Leui, Estelle, Margot, & Jayde

What is your all time favorite style?

The Harley, as its the most versatile, it honestly suits everyone.

What to do if you eyewear becomes loose over time?

On the rare occasion your eyewear can become loose or misshaped over time.
This is due to the acetate heating up and cooling down in different conditions making them change shape.
We recommend either taking them to your local optometrist so they can heat the acetate and remould them.

How do you clean your lens properly?

We recommend always using your microfibre cloth and if they have products like sunscreen on them you can rinse them in warm water with detergent as long as you dry with microfibre cloth, do not use paper based products to dry.

Can you put prescription lens’ in Luv Lou styles?


Where can I try Luv Lou on?

Head to our stockist page.