Women We Luv: Helena Vestergaard

What does a day in the life of Helena look like?
Well right now it's me running after my kids and tiding up the constant mess haha. But I usually try to get an ocean swim or yoga practise in somewhere too.
You are a woman of many talents, Model, Actress, Singer, Yogi and Mother of two beautiful children. What inspires your creativity and keeps you motivated?
Its hard, I definitely don’t always feel motivated. Mostly coffee helps.. and trying to slow down and not do everything at once.
How did your modelling career begin?
Before I modelled I was a dancer, I only really took modelling seriously when I moved to Los Angeles at 19 years old as I needed to make money to support myself, now I enjoy it and look at it in an artistic way not so much just a means to get by.
What do you do to invest in your self care and self love?
I let myself take moments out, meditate, a hot bath and a face mask. Limit my social media time and try to always be grateful for the life I have created around me.
What are your current can’t live without essentials in your bag?
My Harley tort sunglasses, my re usable water bottle, Lano Lips lip balm, a spare nappy (for my son), Koala Eco hand sanitiser spray and my scarlet period cup.
What do you look for in sunglasses?
Comfort always first. Then style, I love a cat eye.
What Luv Lou style do you love most?
That’s a hard one! But I would have to go with the Harley's in tort, they’re just so easy to wear.
What do you like about Luv Lou eyewear?
That it's made by the sweetest girl team ever that happen to live pretty much down the road from me. And the styles are all s easy to wear you really can’t go wrong.
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