WOMEN WE LUV: Jesse Arifien

You are an incredibly talented fashion stylist and creative director, mother to your two beautiful kids and have just launched your own clothing label iamibu, tell us more about this new endeavour?

I recently launched iamibu along with my sister at the beginning of the year. We had started dreaming up the brand years ago whilst I was living in LA when my son, Leo was only a baby. I always had a strong desire to invest my creativity in something tangible and once I became a mother the idea came into fruition. We wanted to create space in the industry for pregnant women who felt excluded at a stage where we already feel so out of our bodies. Feeling myself and confident in clothing has always been part of who I am and when I was pregnant I wished I could have had brands who celebrated this and spoke to this transformative time as a woman. We created a small capsule of pieces that are designed to be worn not only during pregnancy but also beyond. Maternity wear can be viewed as temporary and we are wanting to encourage longevity through timeless styles in quality fabrications.

Your career is derived around creativity, what do you find inspires you?

Inspiration comes from so many different places depending on where I am, but currently I am drawn to the rich colours and obscure lines in nature. The women around me are always inspiring, I feel invigorated around them and they inspire me to be the most creative and grounded version of myself.

What does a typical day for you look like?

A typical day during the week usually starts off with school drop off, followed by a pilates class or surf with my girlfriends (if I can squeeze it in), coffee and then work from home. If I am shooting on location my day begins a lot earlier. School pick up and an afternoon at the beach with our kids. Once the kids are asleep I usually go back to my laptop and work a little more.

What are you currently watching/reading and listening to?

The Artists Way Handbook by Julia Cameron and Notes On A Nervous Planet by Matt Haig

Describe your style in 3 words?

Practical, minimal, relaxed.

What is your current wardrobe essential?

Vintage Levis. I have a few pairs in different colours and wear them every season with different knits, shirts and tees.

What’s your favourite Luv Lou Style?

The Poppy in Chocolate.
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