WOMEN WE LUV: Sophie Ginns

What does a day in the life of Sophie Ginns look like?

With two small kids we’re always up early. Normally we take our coffee or brekky down to the beach for a morning swim before the day gets busy. If I wake up before the kids, I'll sit for meditation. We have a two year old daughter and a seven month old son, which is the best thing on earth but it definitely keeps you busy. During the day, we do lots of sweet things together, painting, yoga, swimming, cooking yummy things, picking flowers. Equally there’s lots of mundane things as well - washing, cooking, groceries. On a good day the kids nap at the same time at lunch which is when I do my WFG work. At some stage most days I try to do some movement practice…whether its yoga or a home work out - it’s needed medicine. We often eat dinner together outside on the grass and by the time the kids are bathed and in bed, it’s time for an rsl pour of a chilled red and a cuddle on the couch.

You are a woman of many talents, mother, business owner, and a yoga and meditation teacher. What inspires your creativity and keeps you motivated?

Time spent in nature and by the ocean is the best cure for stagnation or creativity blocks - and just about anything I think. Having good people and great friends close by helps keep me feeling inspired and motivated. And also holidays. I’ll never ever say no to a tropical island holiday.

Worn for Good is such a special concept, how did this originate?

Thank you! My dear friend Pip and I founded Worn for Good in 2019. I had worked for many years in the fashion and media industry as well as in the yoga therapy space and Pip had been working overseas as a social worker in Africa. We were both acutely aware of the needs and challenges that confronted societies most vulnerable and we wanted to use WFG as a vehicle for change. To offer a solution to excess in the fashion industry, and in doing so, raise awareness and funds for the causes we were passionate about.
Mid last year, after both becoming mums and having both moved outside sydney, we passed the baton on to Jasmine Mayhead who is WFG’s new owner and director. I still work part time in the business managing partnerships and communications, but we feel so lucky to have Jas at the helm, taking WFG to new heights with her passion and skillset in digital marketing and ethical fashion.

As the co-founder of Worn for Good, what has been the most rewarding thing about seeing your business flourish?

We just crunched the numbers for our annual reporting and to date we’ve raised and donated over $35,000 for our charity partners and circulated almost a tonne of clothing, which was an amazing milestone to stop and take a moment for all we’ve achieved in a short time. Receiving testimonials from the charities we support, or heartfelt messages of thanks from people we sent boxes of clothes to in the northern rivers floods - that makes your heart feel good.

What is the best advice you’ve been given?

I love the words ‘As you are, as it is’...The world we see and live in is born out of our own minds. Presence and love is everything.

What are your current can’t live without essentials in your bag?

Nappies, wipes…and a never ending bag of snacks. Haha it’s not very sexy but being a mum to two small people under two, you’re a full-time professional snack minder.

What are you currently watching/reading and listening to?

I’m slowly getting my way through reading Gabor Mate’s The Myth of Normal, trauma, illness and healing in a toxic culture.
Watching: We just finished white lotus season 2.
Listening to: Baby shark, help me! And my meditation playlist.

What do you look for in sunglasses?

Versatile, wearable styles.

What Luv Lou style do you love most?

The Sydney has been my favourite to date but lately i’ve been loving and living in the Goldie in almond. So clever the beautiful eco friendly plant based range you’ve created.
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